Along my life journey, I have been a lifeguard, volunteer firefighter, radio DJ, ski instructor, restaurateur, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (currently in Washington State). Please be advised that although I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I only offer my services as a professional coach and do not provide psychotherapy services to my coaching clients.

Personal message: I have overcome obstacles, and continue to work on my own personal growth. It is a process that offers much satisfaction! Relationships are richer and times of laughter and love deepen. I believe that the Bible has principles for healthy living. When we apply these principles, we are free to move in the direction that is fulfilling and wholehearted. I talk about God or the Bible with my clients when requested.

I enjoy activities with my friends and family, and find myself a lifelong learner. I have a passion for self-discovery and adventure that includes travel and exploration, hot yoga, kayaking, golf, hiking, and time with my family and friends.


Education and Experience
  • Certified Daring Way Facilitator www.thedaringway.com, based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown
  • Trained Lifespan Integration Therapist
  • Trained Core Communications Facilitator
  • Trained in the Genesis Process (relapse prevention)
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Washington State Only)
  • EFT Certified Practitioner through ACHP
  • Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science through Bastyr University
  • Associate Certified Coach through ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • Graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, Seattle, WA

Another interest of mine is the use of 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Pure, concentrated, plant extracts are believed to communicate with our bodies easily and can be the first line of defense for optimal health. I add them to my daily regimen to keep my mood elevated and my body feeling great!