Most of us do our best with what we already know. If you are searching out this website, you probably have already read books, sought professionals, attended conferences and seminars, or taken classes to get the info to create the change you are looking for. This is great and can create change, however often it does not bring what you are searching for.

You can stick with what is predictable and incremental, or you can have a breakthrough to your authentic, wholehearted life! Coaching allows the opportunity for this breakthrough into the unpredictable, and unknown. Every champion athlete has a coach in order to reach the seemingly unattainable. This is what coaching can bring in your personal, social, or business life.

Your personal excellence comes with your commitment and action. You can gain new awareness in your life. We often react from the past, with a coach as your guide you can create your future.

As your coach, I provide conversation, tools, questions and insight that can bring out what is already in you! Step into your greatness.

Because, if not now…when?

I am certified through ICF (International Coach Federation) as an Associate Certified Coach. My training is through the highly accredited Accomplishment Coaching based in San Diego, CA


Linda Reed coached for us at reSTART for 7 years, bringing to our clients her positive energy and passion. She is playful, smart and always engaging, knowing how to capture the interest of even the most Eeyore-like individuals.

Hilarie Cash, PhD, LMHC, CSAT candidate
Founding Member, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), Education Director


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